Education plays an important role in enabling a person to face real life situations with core knowledge. School is the temple of learning and in St. Ann’s we make our best effort to give quality Education to our students. Learning is not a process limited to schools only nor does it end with the conclusion of one’s school’s carrier, it is indeed a lifelong. So we instruct the students by adoption of various methods suiting the dynamics of changing the world, we inspire them to win over the world with their characterized goodness and responsibility and above all love and faith in God. So as to make them instrumentalists of one’s own individual life and that of the others, our School aims at remolding and remodeling the students,

In interiorizing the lessons taught

In internalizing the objectives of Education

In introspecting one’s own limitations

In intensifying the abilities and

Intentionally choosing the better part to become indefatigable and undefeatable in life to achieve the best of them

One cannot give what one doesn’t possess.So have something to give and live to bring out the best in you.

With warm wishes and God’s Blessings.